Australian Visas

When planning a trip to Australia, either for business or leisure, it is important to take note of the entry requirements established by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Travelers should make sure that all of their documentation is in order prior to traveling to the country. Fortunately, securing an Australian visa is usually an easy process.

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Any time a person travels to another country, it is important for them to know if they need a visa. For Australia, a visa is required for a citizen of any other country except New Zealand. New Zealand citizens can have a visa issued upon their arrival in the country. All other travelers must secure their visa in advance of their travel.

Travelers also need to determine what type of visa they need when going to Australia. For citizens of over forty countries with strong diplomatic and economic ties to Australia, the Electronic Travel Authority, or ETA, is an option. This service replaces the need for a physical visa in the traveler’s passport, and entitles the traveler to a year’s worth of travel to and from the country, with a maximum stay of three months for each trip. Holders of an ETA may visit or study in Australia, but may not work. For citizens of countries that don’t qualify for the Electronic Travel Authority, a standard Travel Visa may be issued that has the same requirements and validity as the ETA. A special type of ETA known as eVisitor is available for citizens of the European Union.

For travelers visiting Australia for business purposes, two different types of visas are available. The first type is the Business Visa. The length of validity for this type of visa is decided on a case-by-case basis when the visa is applied for. In some cases, Business Visas may be valid up to five years. Travelers can stay for a maximum of three months per visit under the Business Visa, but may return as many times as they like for the duration of the visa. Another type of visa available is the temporary residence visa. These visas are usually offered to travelers coming to Australia to perform a specific task, such as athletes from foreign countries who have signed a contract to play for an Australian team, or journalists from another country’s news service who are assigned to Australia.

Regardless of the purpose of a trip to Australia, obtaining the proper documentation for the journey is the important first step to making sure that the trip proceeds without any difficulties or delays.